Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iraq: The Prisoner Abuse Continues

Amnesty states the prisoner abuse continues according to the BBC. It’s hard to get outraged about the things that Republican elected officials do without sounding like you are crazy. Lets face it, most Americans are too wrapped up in their Soap Operas, Professional Sports, and American Idol to give a damn about a country we decided to invade because… Awww… crap… I forgot the reason. But anyways, we should be disturbed:

Former detainees told Amnesty they had been beaten with plastic cables, given electric shocks and made to stand in a flooded room as an electrical current was passed through the water.

Why? What purpose does this serve? Does the USA get McDonalds Halloween gift certificates for every 10 successful tortures? Mmmmm… barely edible fake dairy treat in the form of ice cream in a stale cone. Seriously though… I don’t get it. The elephants are known to have a bizarre sense of humor. I mean look at the posturing for Dobson the Dennis the Menace of the ultra right wing Christian conservatives when electing a Supreme Court Justice. Then there’s Jeff Gannon, the bald republican homosexual stripper white house reporter. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I could talk about Michael Brown who probably couldn’t be trusted as a Starbucks coffee jockey after the Katrina fiasco. On paper this would all be the stuff of a great comedy. Although it loses all humor for me when Joe Taxpayer gets royally screwed in the behind by his government. Endless war, endless debt, dead people, missing limbs… Conclusion: The elephants are crazy.

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