Friday, February 10, 2006

Arrested Development

Fox the most evil network in the world has killed another one of my favorite show: Arrested Development. No surprise there, they cancelled other personal favorites such as Futurama and Family Guy in the past. Fox must be run by idiots or the United States might be inhabited by morons. I would rather take the former than the later. However there is a lot of evidence to the later.

Can it be possible Arrested Development was just too smart for most people? Perhaps... Morons are everywhere. I never stopped to think that the country is being over run by them. Perhaps we are at the mercy of the moron majority. Ahhh... the moron majority. I wish I could fandangle a way to make some quick bucks off them. If only it wasn't for that thing called a conscience. I got to tell you though that it gets frustrating and sometimes I even get frightened of them. The moron majority made it to the polls in droves last election and look what happened. Ok that was a bit mean. Not everyone who voted for the coke head was a moron. Also I was discounting the admittedly disgustingly brilliant Republican smear tactics, which have a way of clouding people’s perceptions.

So what does politics have to do with Arrested Development? Well the show was based on the sleaziest family who would do just about anything to get what they wanted. Kind of reminds me of a certain administration. If you watched the show enough you would even see the Bluths parody the current administration’s PR tactics. Good stuff. Anyways at least the show will go out swinging tonight. Hopefully that Showtime rumor is true.


Blogger Tessa said...

Holy crap I didn't know it was being cancelled! Go figure damnit... I won't elaborate or I'll just be commenting the first sentences of your post.
(Sniff! I'll dearly miss Job and his wonderful magic tricks. Oh! My bad, ILLUSIONS.)

2/13/2006 06:29:00 PM  

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