Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pepper Dennis

Oh no, here's another one for our beerometer. The commercial boasts it stars Rider Strong from "Boy Meets World" even though he's way down the list on IMDB. The star of the show is Rebecca Romijn (not Stamos anymore). Here's the plot summary from IMDB:

Pepper Dennis is an ambitious reporter with her sights set on anchoring
Chicago's top-rated evening news broadcast. Complicating her daily life is the
fact that her spoiled, needy and recently separated sister Kathy, has moved in
with her. Worst of all, the hot guy Pepper woke up with one morning, Charlie
Bishop, just showed up in the newsroom, grabbed her dream job and is now
practically her boss. She's trying to despise him, but Charlie is smart,
handsome, funny, available and interested. She gets much needed support from her
close friends, the TV station's makeup artist Kimmy, and cameraman Chick, who
has a secret crush on Pepper.

It appears the show is on the WB. My guess is this may break the beerometer. When devised we never anticipated anything like this. I believe alcohol poisoning is a real possibility so please keep me in your prayers whenever this show airs (I better catch the 1st episode or it may be gone).


Apparently "Free Ride" is the #1 New Comedy. They're promoting the hell out of it and I think I saw the #1 New Comedy thing 3 times in 30 minutes. But that's according to Fox, whose Fox News had a segment asking if Civil War would be good for Iraq. So here's my question - how is it the #1 new comedy? Was it the #1 new comedy ratings-wise for the week(s) it has been on the air? Did it have the highest ratings of any new comedy in 2006? Was it the #1 new comedy on the day it aired (where there any other new comedies on that day)? How many other new comedies have aired so far in 2006? Seriously though, I need to watch this show!!!
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