Friday, March 03, 2006

Corey Haim Sighting: 1999

There are times when I feel bad about making fun of Corey Haim. Then, again I am not the one who told him to do mountains of cocaine and to piss his money way. On my web travels, I stumbled across this fine nugget submitted by a fan:

This happened in Montreal. It was spring 1999. I was working at a video store back then. One early afternoon, I was alone, the store was empty -- in comes a guy. He was dressed in shabby-looking -- almost dirty -- clothes. He comes up to me and presents his hand, saying 'Hi, bro, I'm Corey Haim.' I knew who Corey Haim was, but I figured that this was just a good look-alike who dropped by to fool me. I was like, 'Yeah, sure.' He kept insisting that he WAS Corey Haim. He even showed me I.D.!
So, OK, I thought, this is interest
ing. I told him that his career was 'kinda going slow,' and that my favorite movie of his was The Lost Boys. He told me that they were supposed to make a sequel, but that it never happened. I told him that he should audition for the part of the opening victim in Scream 3. He looked at me, and actually thought it was a good idea. He said he'd give it a shot.
Then he asked me for some change to take the bus home and asked me to use the phone so that he could call his mom so she could come and pick him up. He looked quite pathetic, I must say. I then asked him for an autograph for my girlfriend. He seemed quite happy to give me one.
He smiled in a funny way when I asked, 'So, how's the other Corey?' He said he didn't know. He then talked about how he had just finished working on Never Too Late and now working on a new movie here in Mont
real, (and NO, it's not Dream A Little Dream III), entitled Groove Society, about the underground club scene. The premise sounded pretty good, I hope for his sake 'cuz this is the flick that could resurrect or destroy him.
Anyway, so that was it. My manager walked in and offered him a lift. Corey just presented me another 'later dude' handshake and gave me one of his trademark smiles. What a guy." (Posted: November 2000)

Universal Society is really Sandeep’s unreleased masterpiece: “Universal Groove.” I can feel a lot of momentum growing over this movie. I wish I can give you more updates, sadly there are none. There is some good news. You can show your support for Corey by wearing this fine shirt available at our store:
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Blogger MonaLisaMatrixVibe said...

This realy sounds like a broken man, with no direction where to go and how to start it. Lost in his memories about his famous good times. I am so sorry for you Corey, I have damn much sympathy for you and your life. I wished I could have helped you, be there for you not to fall in this deep black hole, now you are dead :{... love ya + I will always adore your smile

7/21/2010 06:00:00 AM  

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