Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Tales with Corey Haim

I'm not quite sure when it all began. If I think about it logically, it probably started in 1987. But with many things that occur in childhood, you don't actually remember life without it. As far back as I can remember, there was Corey. He was one of the few constants during the early stages of adolescence. During a time when the world seems weird and every day brings new and confusing changes, I could always turn to Corey. Somehow, he always knew what to do and it was comforting. He taught me to always stand up for family, even if they were turning into vampires. He taught me to always stand up for myself no matter what the odds are, even if they involve a Sheen (this would be priceless throughout my battles with Emilio Estevez). He taught me to dream, even if it is just a little dream. But most importantly, he taught me about love. That sometimes you have to rebel against authority or risk missing out on a proverbial Heather Graham. Thanks to Corey I'm the person I am today. And I'm excited to see he's still working. I will be camping out 2 weeks in advance to see Universal Groove. And I have moved Snowboard Academy (1996), an overlooked Haim vehicle co-starring Jim Varney, to #27 in my NetFlix queue. Thanks again Corey - let's hope the 2007 Oscar goes to you!!!


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