Monday, March 06, 2006

The Supreme Court Doesn't Matter To Them

It was curious in his State of the Union address that Bush proposed for Congress to pass a line item veto. See, Congress did just this in 1996. Two years later the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.

Both Republican and Democratic presidents have sought the power to
eliminate a single item in a spending or tax bill without killing the entire

President Clinton got that wish in 1996, when the new reform-minded Republican
majority in the House helped pass a line-item veto law.
Two years later, the Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional because it violated the principle that Congress, and not the executive branch, holds the power of the purse.

What has changed in 8 odd years to now make this constitutional? Well, I guess there is now a Republican president. But a Republican dominated Congress passed it in 1996 so that doesn't seem to hold. There are two loyal Bush soldiers on the Supreme Court - two people meant to strengthen the power of the executive under the guise of eliminating women's rights.

Either that or the most incompetent president who can't even ride a bike or eat pretzels is completely unaware of this. Sadly, this is a very legitimate possibility. If our great nation ever decided to stop becoming a nation of laws and bowed down to an absolute ruler, I sure hope we'd choose someone more competent than this miserable failure.

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