Tuesday, March 07, 2006

President Bush Hates NY and NJ

President Bush really must hate NY and NJ. Why else would he put his rich friend’s welfare before our security? Perhaps I would think differently if port security was increased. I digress; nothing at all has been done. Every attempt to pass legislation to increase port security has been turned down by the Republican controlled Congress. I’m furious. As a hunter who shot his friend in face once expressed on the Senate floor: Go f*** yourself. You don’t care about us. You never have and you never will. We are on our own here. Quit taking our state’s tax dollars for your BS agenda. This last line in the CNN article makes my blood boil:

President Bush has threatened to veto any congressional attempt to block the deal, warning that it would risk alienating a key American ally in the Persian Gulf.

Who the hell cares about these people anyways? I find it offensive that we are catering to the country which produced several of the 9/11 hijackers. Republicans are NOT tough on terror. They are hell bent on stealing the American people’s money and giving it to their rich friends. A lot of people have postulated that the Bush team was behind 9/11. I used to think they were a bit crazy, however I must admit that certain actions of this administration gives credence to that theory.

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