Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Liberal Media

It's almost impossible to believe this is true. On This Week, The Dealer asserted that McCain's housing gaffe would come back to haunt...wait for it, Obama. That's right, everything is good news for McCain even when it reflects negatively on him. It would be challenging to find greater proof that our media is not liberal. Unfortunately, The Dealer sets the conventional wisdom in DC. And nothing will cause him to deviate from his script that everything is good news for McCain.

This is just further evidence of what we are dealing with. It's not just the Republicans, it's a good majority of Democrats. It's the media. It's the corporations. Their goal is to keep and expand their power. Which unfortunately comes at our expense. So as long as they can muddy the waters and play these fuckin' stupid personality based elections, they can prevent us from getting what we deserve. It's about time we get mad as hell and fight for what we want. Because they are not going to give up without a fight. Electing Obama is just a start. Holding him and the Democratic Congress accountable to our desires is just the next step. Somewhere we need to fix our broken media. That's so important but also very challenging. Until the dynamic changes, we will really struggle.


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