Sunday, August 10, 2008

You know...for kids

I may not be the brightest person in the world but there is something I just don't get. It is the anger and outrage that comes from the right when discussing the environment. It's true that ties to the established energy companies explains the politician's motives. And I guess those who listen/brainwash by Limbaugh and the right wing propaganda machine are just regurgitating what they are told. But it's still striking to me how normal people get so angry, actually thinking people are actively trying to take away their vehicles. The paranoia is disturbing and scary and so tiring to fight against. As an aside, it's actually the strategy behind almost everything with the right. Since they could not compete on the merits of their arguments, they force us liberals to argue something so pointless. Instead of deciding how to have a forward looking energy policy, we argue over whether global warming exists and whether the government is going to take away their cars. It's tiring and thankless work.

I may live in a big city but given where I live and where I work, I have limited public transportation options. In theory I could take public transportation. However, it would basically double my commute. But if I had the option, I would prefer not to drive. If Chicago wants to improve the public transportation system, I will give all my support. And you would expect the car stealing conspiracy theorists would feel the same way. Unless of course their idea of fun car activities is sitting in heavily congested traffic. With better public transportation comes more options. You would then expect less people to drive, resulting in less cars on the road. Then those car lovers will have a more enjoyable commute and can spend less time stalled on expressways.

But the right wing propaganda machine has made everything a confrontation with the liberals. So instead of supporting policies that would make their lives more enjoyable, they reflexively fight. If those latte sipping wussies on the left are in favor, I am opposed. Take that you nancy boy bitches!

And that doesn't even get into job creations that would occur with basically the start or huge expansion of new industries. Or spending that would go into infrastructure. But damn you if you ever want to raise my taxes. I will keep fighting for lower taxes until I actually pay negative taxes and the government pays me to breath. It's a weird dynamic. Whenever I get into a discussion about taxes, my response is that I want more from my taxes. If that means raising taxes, then so be it. If it means eliminating waste (whatever that means), so be it. If it means cutting our defense spending, then hell yeah! But instead of having these discussions, we argue over whether the government wants to take away your car and prevent you from driving. Sometimes all I can say is - Save me Jeebus!


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