Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tin Foil Hats

Generally speaking, I am against crackpot conspiracy stories that enter tin foil hat realms. There is a reason they make for compelling movies and TV, yet still bear little resemblence to reality. That being said, there is something going on with this Anthrax story that needs further explanation. I still believe that incompetence and an inability to accept responsibility explain the majority of what occurred. However, the more we find out the more it leads towards crazy conspiracy theory land. I highly recommend reading Glenn's latest post if you need to get up to speed.

When in isolation, there are numerous explanations that make this situation acceptable. When added to all the other stories surrounding the lies that lead to war with Iraq and the ongoing rumors of a staged attack to go to war against Iran, it becomes more compelling to ask whether there is something to this. Is it possible that something sinister happened here? Something so awful as to make our government crumble if the public ever found out? And does this, along with the eavesdropping and torture and everything else, all come together if only someone could gather all the pieces. I doubt it, for this is not a movie. And I surely hope not. For given the incompetence of this administration, the media will have been extremely negligent if they don't put the pieces together. Still, there are many questions that deserve answers. And as citizens, we should be demanding these answers. But better to placate us with the idiocracy on our TV.

Save me Jeebus!


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