Sunday, August 03, 2008

Swing Vote

Every time I give the American people credit for their intelligence I am usually let down. Case in point, the ludicrous new movie "Swing Vote". The premise here is that the presidential election is tied in one state and left up to one man who had this vote not counted. While I do not necessarily expect everyone to have great knowledge of our electoral system, I would hope they would have a basic understanding. And that basic understanding would make this premise laughable.

So what I do see this morning watching some crappy movie review show ("Lyons and Bailes")? Well, both critics indicate this as a plausible scenario. In fact, one said she was so confused by the 2000 election that she just doesn't get the system. Seriously, this is what gets shown on the TV. And since this movie will probably make bushelfulls of money, I'm guessing the American public will not notice. It's actually a shame that our country has become so idiotic. I am not a particularly smart person, but every day I feel more and more intelligence. And this occurs while I constantly kill brain cells with my too heavy drinking. As months go by, the movie "Idiocracy" appears more and more possible.

Save me Jeebus!


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