Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Losing Racist Vote

Political observers have been aghast at the latest poll showing Obama trailing McCain among self-identified racists, 78-22. "In 2004, Bush only won by 30 points. There is possible path to The White House if the Democrat does not cut this down to 40 points", an unnamed news-douchebag was heard muttering into the microphone he makes love to every night.

Upon hearing the news, a tubby fatass drug abuser who happens to attract a loyal bevy of stupid proclaimed, "The driveby media won't tell you the real news that racists like Farrakhan and Jessee Jackson and Steve Urkel support Barack Obama. That's right America, that racist scum Urkel supports Obama."

The Obama campaign has denied our request for a comment, as has the McCain campaign. However, we can make assumptions about what the McCain campaign would say and it goes a little something like this - "Whoo-hooo!!!! Our racist ads are working! That BOY will know his place or my name aint'...oh yeah, POW bitches!"


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