Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lollapalooza vs Pitchfork

Saw Radiohead Friday night at Lollapalooza and they were incredible, as always. However, I think something like Lollapalooza is just too damn big for me nowadays. I had to leave the people I was with to go to the bathroom and knew there was no way I could find my way back to them. Without a competing headliner, the masses all were watching Radiohead. Still good, but also disappointing from what I was expecting. It's just hard to get that connection with the band and their music when you are just one of so many thousands. For all purposes, you are just listening over the loudspeaker.

This was my first time attending Lollapalooza since it has been in Chicago. Overall, I prefer a festival like Pitchfork to this. Just too big. Too commercial. Too corporate. There also seemed to be rather poor planning, which was shocking to me. The bathrooms and port-a-johns were sparse and located far away from stages. The trash was everywhere and was difficult to actually recycle as the receptacles filled up quickly without replenishment. Not sure if there were more people then normal or what.

Not to mention, the vibe seemed more friendly at Pitchfork. It was much more communal. Again, this is probably due to the size. Still, can't help but feel disappointed from this experience. While I will be back at Pitchfork next year regardless of the acts, I think I will stay away from Lollapalooza.


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