Saturday, August 09, 2008

The James Buchanan Corner

Yeah! Yeah! Jimmy back and he's on the attack, bitches. Things have been hella crazy here lately but I wanted to give a shout out to the presidential elections. South Side!

As you probably recognize, Jimmy be a whack president. Dat presidenting be hard work and I be bad. But watching that fool run the country into the ground the last 8 years make Jimmy smile. With him, I no longer be remembered as the worst fool that ever be presidentin'. He be representin' the worst of the presidents and Jimmy be climbin' the charts. Every day a celebratin' and drinkin' that cracka setting the bar so low I look good.

Today I announce my support for that old fool McCain. He be a sucka I can get behind. I be planning a huge pajama jammy jam for the day that fool get the nomination. We be raisin' the roof til the break-a-break of dawn. Holla back yo!

See, that cracka be the same as Bush. In fact, that sucka Mc might be even worse. And that be great news for Jimmy here. For I be rollin' to the top of the presidentin' lists. My boys be plannin' some beatdowns and drivebys to help that old fool McCain. Just to make sure Jimmy get out from the bottom of the presidentin' lists. So get ready for some stealth, hellish James Buchanan shit comin' to your town. For we need more bad presidents. And McCain be one crazy old and very bad sucka.

Peace in the Middle East! 5,000 G!

James Buchanan


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