Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Antichrist Removes Flag From Plane

People will think of anything not to support Obama, but sometimes it seems just ridiculous.

I received an email a couple of weeks a go about how Obama removed the American flag from his airplane.

Sounds bad, right?

Sure. Until you look at the facts.

Obama was using a North American Airline plane, which tradmarked the American flag image as it's company's logo. In other words, he probably could not modify the plane without removing the trademarked image first.

McCain's plane, "Straight Talk Express" does not appear to have an American flag on it anywhere.

Flag be missing! Ya'll!

To be fair in recent years presidential candidates have been painting their planes with their campaign slogans and colors.

Obama's plane is no different in that regard to Bush's 2004 plane, Kerry's 2004 plane, or McCain's 2008 plane.

Obama does have 2 flags on the side of his plane, but since it is not on the tail so it doesn't count.


I suppose you can't expect much from a guy who drinks the blood of aborted babies for breakfast.


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