Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Gotta Offer a Positive

People seem confused that McCain is struggling so much. But his whole strategy basically boils down to (1) I was a POW and (2) I'm not Obama. When your whole strategy is to attack your opponent, you are bound to lose. You need to offer some affirmative reason for support. No one's gonna buy Pepsi if their message is hey, we're not that crappy ass Coke. In fact, the repetition of Coke may subliminally work against you. But McCain has nothing to run against. The last 8 years have shown how bankrupt and corrupt the Republicans are. The only thing allowing them onto the same field is the tribalism of our political system. But it's over, barring some dramatic shift of events. And it couldn't happen to a more f$cked up bunch of assholes that have left our country in ruins.


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