Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's Gonna Have to Go With Whoever's Gonna Get Her The Highest

Every once in awhile there is a band that comes along that is just perfect for you at the particular time in your life. At this time, that band is The Hold Steady. While it's likely I would have enjoyed them 10 years ago or 10 years from now, there just seems something so right about them right now.

With The Hold Steady on the cusp of mainstream success, now seems like the time to bring this up. It will be interesting to see whether they follow more in the footsteps of Modest Mouse (couple minor hits) or Wilco/Flaming Lips (large dedicated fan base). I would think it would be more of the latter, though there are hits aplenty on "Stay Positive".

So I am super psyched to watch The Hold Steady perform this Saturday at the Pitchfork Music Festival. I will be there singing along to all the incredible anthems. It is just hard to explain, so you really have to witness it in person. But to watch hundreds if not thousands of late 20s/30s men sing along is such a communal feeling. And I guess that's what I get from The Hold Steady. It is not unlike what I used to feel with Wilco. I guess larger venues and time will make that pass. Which is why I intend to enjoy my infatuation with The Hold Steady while it lasts. For right now, my favorite band is The Hold Steady. And I just can't stop listening to "Stay Positive".

One for the Cutters - The Hold Steady


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