Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Weight Loss Secret

So I have not really been mentioning this, but I have been losing weight the last 6 years. While never obese, I had some LBS to lose. So I made it a goal at the beginning of the year to get in shape and lose enough weight so I never have to lose that much again. While not completely done, I have accomplished my initial goal. I have lost at least 40 lbs - I say at least because I had to change scales early on because the initial one was a sucky Ikea cheap ass one.

Anyway, I am not here to say how easy it was for me. For it really wasn't. It only happened so fast because I had the ability to make it a priority. So here is my secret to my weight loss:

1 - Keep a food journal and determine a target daily calorie intake.
2 - Exercise like a mofo, doing whatever is most fun/easiest for you. Me, I can always run. Even when I am in bad shape, I can run a mile or two. So I just did 50 minutes of cardio every day. Well, I made sure to do it at least 5 times a week.
3 - Average 100 ab crunches a week

So now that I'm sorta done with my weight loss, it's time to tackle other pressing issues. At some point soon I may list some of these here. This will be more to push me than anything else.


Tom G weight loss exercise


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