Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Media

Some days you just wonder - wtf can we do? And some weeks you feel like throwing your arms in the air and giving up. This was one of those weeks.

The biggest thought I constantly have is what can we do? I mean, the media just lies, when not just regurgitating the right wing propaganda machine's lies. Whether it's Andrea Mitchell lying that Clark made his comment honoring McCain's service after his "controversial" remark to all the major news organizations cropping or distorting or in some way changing the clip to benefit McCain's WATB narrative. There just seems to be no way to win. And then there's the "liberal" Washington Post and their disgusting hit piece on Obama today questioning his interest rate on his house. They apparently aren't aware that comparing Obama's rate to the average is somewhat meaningless. Two things: (1) the rate is highly dependent on credit scores, which they do not have access to (by all indications he would have exceptional credit). (2) the average implies that people are above and below that rate. If Obama was exceedingly below, well then yes we may have a story. He was not. Case closed. Not to mention these are the same news organizations that can not be bothered to scrutinize McCain's record on anything...and there's a lot if they didn't choose to look the other way.

That being said, we get it. We are not going to allow the media to select our President again. It is time for the pendulum to swing closer to the people and away from the corporations. Change takes time. It's coming. We must be patient and we must be viligant. But the right wing knows it and are lie rats in a corner...meaning this election will not be pretty. And their enablers who have benefitted from their years of rule, The Media, will do everything they can to elect St McCain. If not for them, then for their corporate conglomerate overlords who fund their multi-million dollar salaries, which are not interested in journalism but in keeping everyone dumb and happy while they rape this great land of ours. Well, we're fighting back and we won't let it continue anymore. There are better days ahead and while it might be hard to see, it's right around the corner.


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