Saturday, July 12, 2008

McCain and this new-fangled personal computer and internets

I do not believe there should be any tests for presidential candidacy. In general, I trust the American people to do a good job of deciding what issues and knowledge are important and choose accordingly - Dubya is obviously an outlier (I hope). Of course, this assumes the media actually objectively provides this information to the public.

Yet there are certain skills and knowledge that should be troubling if a candidate did not have. For example, basic computer literacy. The fact that McCain does not have a working knowledge of computers or the Internet should be discussed by our media. Yet it gets scant mention in comparison to the latest manufactured Obama outrage (my God, can you believe what Jesse Jackson said!). Seriously, in the Year 2008 I expect my President to know the basics of computing. I am just not sure how you can live in this world over the past 30 years and not know how to use a computer. Just imagine the outrage if this were a Democrat.


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