Monday, June 23, 2008


Where do you get your news? What is the news? What is journalism? Why is the news important?

These are simple and important questions, which anyone who is older than 12 should be able to legitimately answer. I am willing to wager that most Americans don't have a clue.

To set the record straight... Life is Crap is not a news source. This is an entertainment blog that comments about news events in a biased way.

I will proudly admit that we have absolutely no journalistic ability whatsoever. Our posts contains loads of opinions. We are comparable to the Daily Show, Air America, Rush, Drudge, and so forth in that regard.

Journalism, which is just about dead in this country is reporting factual information without bias. It answers the who, what, where questions and not addressing the how and why.

Even that is suspect to manipulation. Selection of news articles is in itself a form of bias. Corporations and individuals have an agenda. They will use their chosen outlet to further it.

Tom and I don't make a cent off this blog, but we too have our cause, which is to simply to give you our thoughts on a particular subject. Noble? Perhaps, but noble does not equal credible, factual, and reliable. I like to think I tell the truth to the best of my abilities, but that doesn't guarantee that my opinion is correct.

A well informed citizenry is important to preventing corruption. Our founding fathers believed in a free press primarily for that reason and encouraged it's existence.

Unfortunately most of what is considered news today is entertainment related and contains little, which could better ourselves as a society.

Lindsay Lohan, dog biting neighborhood man, Hilliary's tears, a fire in Newark, murder in Trenton does not further the integrity and spirit of this great nation and it's citizens.

It's a shame that we have become so complacent that we are distracted from the real issues of the day. Most people do not know what is happening in this country and the world yet they can talk at length about sports teams, sex scandals, and celebrities. That does no bode well for us. The disconnect is alarming.


Blogger Tom G said...

Best to keep the citizens stupid and entertained to distract them while you rob them blind.

Good to see ya back Mike.

6/23/2008 09:35:00 PM  

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