Sunday, June 22, 2008


So the House of Representatives, lead by the Democrats, have decided our Constitution is meaningless. On Friday they voted to change the FISA law, in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. I suggest reading Glenn Greenwald for the most comprehensive writing on the subject. And it appears the Senate will follow, with Obama announcing his support on Friday.

So the real question is what to do from here. I am in full support of the blogosphere's strategy of going after the Democrats who forced through this atrocity. It is the only way they will learn. They must know there are consequences for trampling on the rights of our citizenry in favor of corporate issues. That's what so exciting about the blogs and their ability to foster so much political activism. It gives power back to the people. The only thing that sucks is we need time. At this point, the Republicans are a lost cause. All but 1 Republican representative voted for the bill. At least a majority of Democrats opposed the bill and thought our rights were more important that corporation's immunity. Since the Republicans offer no choice, we must target these despicable Democrats and make them answer for their choices. Whether this be through primary battles or other means, we must be vigilant. Again, it takes time and money and other resources. But it is possible.

Then there's Obama. Obviously the solution is not to vote for McCain. However, the solution is also not to excuse Obama's actions. They are despicable and he should be made to answer for his decisions. We have just experienced too much unthinking fealty to dear leader and see where it has got us. The answer is not to swing that way with our appointed Democratic leader. While Obama offers many wonderful possibilities, he is still a human and more importantly, a politician. He is flawed and it does us no service to excuse away his faults or when we disagree with his position. We need to try to influence him to be the politician we all think he can be. For he'll be getting a lot of advice and "guidance" from all of the other sides. He is no Jesus and can not walk on water.

That being said, a McCain presidency is the worst possible situation for our fragile Constitution. We can only hope the judicial branch does their job and strikes down this blatant violation of our Constitution. That is their job afterall. A McCain presidency would basically guarantee we lose these rights for a generation or two at the least.

It's quite interesting that an Obama presidency would probably spark outrage from the Republicans over this law they so happily voted almost unanimously. For their hypocrisy knows no bounds. I basically guarantee they will rediscover The Constitution the moment Obama becomes President. It's their way and it's not hard to anticipate. I basically guarantee that an Obama presidency will be littered with scandals, probably all manufactured by the right wing. However, the lawlessness of the Bush administration makes it very likely that Obama could be impeached by this lawlessness that has been institutionalized. The Democrats will come to severely regret this decision.


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