Friday, May 16, 2008

# 1 Pimp

It is now official - King Dickhead Jim Edmonds is a Cub. Contrary to perception, anger from Cubs fans like myself has very little to do with Edmonds being a former Cardinals player. It's really 2 fold. First, he was the most hated player for most Cubs fans. Sure, some of this was because he played for our biggest rival. But most hatred is due for his general dickiness that he happened to employ as a Cardinal. If he played for the Tigers and we say him every 4 years, then yes, we probably would not hate him. But watching this douchebag for 20 games a year "dive" for routine flyballs creates a level of hatred not found with other players. Second, he sucks now! The Padres, an awful team right now, released him. If we wanted a .200 center fielder with a little pop, we had that with Felix Pie. And Pie is not washed up. Trust me - it's not his Cardinals roots. If we could get Pujols no Cubs fans would complain.

So as I secretly hope for Edmonds to get injured or suck so bad he gets released, I thought I would relay a story to show off why I refer to him as Dickhead. And take the story for what it's worth - from a friend of a friend.

Many years ago the MLB All-Star Game was held in Seattle and Dickhead was on the National League team. Guy A as we'll call him, somehow had access to the locker rooms or field. I'm assuming this was actually above board but could be wrong. Anyway, he say this as a money making opportunity and pilfered some "memorabilia" from the players. One such victim was Dickhead and his batting gloves. While looking at Dickhead's batting gloves, he noticed some embroidering on the fingers - # 1 Pimp. Yes, Dickhead had #1 Pimp embroidered on his batting gloves.



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