Saturday, April 12, 2008

Words Matter More Than Actions

This is the only conclusion to draw from the coverage of our political landscape during my lifetime. Obama's "gaffe"* of saying people are bitter is more important than the atrocities committed by this current administration. It's more important that Republicans claim they will balance the budget rather then their actions over the last 30 years and plans that will continue to run up massive deficits. It is more important that McCain claims he is against torture than his vote that allowed torture. You support the troops if you advocate endless wars, even as you vote against adequate equipment for the troops, health care for injured vets, and reasonable deployment. All that matters is what you say, not how you act. Or even how you plan to act. It's truly despicable. Our media institution is complicit in all the atrocities and all they want to do is evade accountability. So better to focus on what is said then what they have helped do.


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