Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Is Not As Difficult As Advertised

Don't take this the wrong way - not exactly saying life is easy. But given my current situation, I have to say I have it pretty good. Things had been pretty stressful over the past week, which I'm trying to figure out the angle to post. But even if the unthinkable happened, I would have been ok.

For me, I'm terrible with multi-tasking. Unfortunately, this means I can really only handle doing a couple things at a time. Make the job one of those things and there is not much else left to focus on. Given my limitations, life can still be rather easy if I just take a step back and plan accordingly. Take my recent exercise routine, in which I've lost over 30 pounds in less than 4 months. I have been very strict with what I eat but not ridiculous. And the key is I'm working my ass off at the gym probably 6 times a year. Yet all I had to do was make it a priority and really focus and it came with incredible results.

As I slowly try to add other priorities to my life, I need to step back and realize just what is possible. We tend to make it seem like everything's a chore. But with enough focus, perseverance, and effort, anything is possible.


Tom G life


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