Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Liberal Media

As someone who was critical of the Clinton presidency, I find the media's coverage of the Bush presidency disgusting. Even as a liberal, I would recognize when I disagreed with our glorious leader. Apparently when said glorious leader is a Republican we can overlook all their atrocities. It's not like their faults actually affect the "regular" folks that influence elections. At the end of the day I tend to focus on Republicans. I really wish I could be more balanced in my criticism. But it's hard when one side is so batshit crazy. This is not to say the Democrats are without fault. To be fair, the Democrats may have greater faults. Unfortunately, the Republicans have us on a path to destruction. I have to overlook the Democrats and their faults for the time being until we get this great country on the right track. I hope there is a day soon where I can be as critical about both parties and still be fair. But there's a lot of work before that's the case. And I fair there's a lot of losing elections that must occur to Republicans before that's the case. Please prove me wrong Republicans!


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