Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He So Crazy

I find it funny how the media picks their favorites and then does whatever they can to protect them from any criticism. Case in point - NBA darlings Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd. Let's start with Kidd, as he's the least deserving of this favorable coverage.

For some inexplicable reason, the media is in love with Jason Kidd. First off, he's a wife beater, which you might think would exlicit some negative attitudes. But you would be wrong. And while a future Hall of Famer, Kidd always got more credit than he deserved. While he was putting up triple doubles, he never learned how to shoot (or even score) and on most days couldn't be bothered to play defense. Those are some major holes. Yet the media always treated him as if he was the greatest point guard ever. I have not been able to figure it out. Then there's the matter of that flagrant and dirty foul he committed. If this was practically anyone else he would have been suspended multiple games and Stephen A Smith would still be screaming about it. Instead, there's hardly any coverage. Such a dirty play - he lost any remaining respect I had for him.

Then there's Garnett. At least here I can understand the media's love. No one plays harder or is more intense than Garnett. Yet he gets a free pass for never leading his teams to success. Chris Webber was lambasted, rightfully so, for not wanting the ball in clutch time. But not a word is written about Garnett when he does the exact same thing. If you're gonna be put in the same discussion as Duncan - which some media members do - shouldn't you be able to dominate in the playoffs? Or am I asking too much?


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