Sunday, April 06, 2008

Further Clarification

Felt like providing some additional explanation behind my earlier post of McCain and MLK. It's great that McCain eventually changed his opinion and voted for a national holiday to recognize MLK. I'll even go so far as giving him credit for eventually working to get it passed, though that is a stretch. However, it took 20 some years for McCain to learn about this "issue", as he put it. So it's great and all but 20 frickin' years?

I actually want my President to get things right initially. At least right more times than wrong and on the most important issues. It does our country no good to have someone who may get it right 5, 10, 15 years from now. This bullshit we constantly hear from the Bush administration is just that, bullshit. Every time there is a screw up, they say well, no one could have anticipated. First off, yes people did anticipate. Second, that's your job. Your job is to get it right. This easy excuse allows everyone, including the media, to not be held accountable for these past 7+ years. For if no one could have anticipated, then no one...and I mean no one, can be held accountable for the mistakes. And no one has to lose their position as the Very Serious People, even though they have been wrong about everything.

As someone who was outspoken against the Iraq War, I don't want a pat on the back or applause or anything of the sort. I just want people to stop minimizing us. It's less about us being right and more about them being wrong. And not trusting their opinions or insights going further. For contrary to the views of the Very Serious People who were wrong about everything, it was not easy to be against the Iraq War. Sure, all I had to answer to were friends and family but I was belittled and called un-American and a terrorist lover and so on. But I held to my belief because that's who I am. The fact that we still get belittled is bullshit. And the fact that we are still excluded from the adult conversations just guarantees we will continue down this disastrous path. But things are changing. And the people who lead us into this mess, who have been wrong about everything, will be held accountable.


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