Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dany Boy

ESPN The Magazine has an interview they conduct on the back page. It's meant to be light hearted and fun. So I'm probably just overreacting here but this week's bothered me. See, this week was NHLer Dany Heatley. The same Dany Heatley who murdered a teammate while driving intoxicated. If there are no questions about the murder, why interview him?

In society we want to punish the little guy severely while allowing the fat cat off with a warning. Steal a loaf of bread to feed your family and spend some time in jail. Steal millions from your employees and pay a fine. And sports players are generally the biggest recipients of this preferential treatment.

Michigan State had a tight end that pleaded no contest to statuatory rape. He was something like 13 while he was 18. At no point did the team rescind his scholarship offer. Dany Heatley kills a teammate and no one bats an eye, as long as he continues to score goals. He received 3 years probation! And is one of the faces of the NHL! Yet he's also a murderer, but no one cares.

If only society prized market research more highly - then I could get away with murder.


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