Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Tour Ends Here

Well, it's done to the Final Four and I'm not talking about basketball. Rather, I'm talking about Rock of Love 2. At this point, there are 2 crazy chicks, 1 too sweet chick, and I seemingly normal chick. Obviously, I am rooting for one of the crazy chicks to win. Contrary to what the contestants say, Bret does not deserve better. He deserves nothing and should be happy with it. So I suggest you pay attention as this week the chicks head to Vegas, where there are sure to be drunkenness, groping, yelling, and probably some S-E-X. This is maybe the greatest reality show ever.

My pick for eventual winner is Daisy, which would be perfect for Bret as she's one of the crazy chicks.

Jessica will probably be the next to go as she's just too darn sweet. The final 2 will be Ambre and Daisy, as Destiney gets sent home after Bret meets the parents (guaranteed next episode). With the decision between the psych in love with Bret vs the normal one who may be playing a game rather than being there for Bret, Bret picks the sure thing Daisy. Even Bret is smart enough to learn from his past mistake. At the very least he'll wind up with some lust, as he likes to put it.


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