Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Don't really have anything to add to the Eliot Spitzer story that probably hasn't been written better with more research or detail elsewhere. Still, I feel like I need to write some post about it. So here it goes...

I really don't care. To be honest, it kinda bores me. I know it's super duper salicious to the media and all, but in the big scheme of things it doesn't affect me. Same thing with all those Republican scandals, except for Mark Foley and his potential pedophilic urges. Truth be told, I feel somewhat sorry for the despicable Republicans who have to hate homosexuals while they are one. Yet because of their party they have to do it in practice.

Thing is, we are all adults. Consenting adults, hopefully. And we all have our own ideas of right and wrong, morality, etc. I'm not about to tell others how to act lest they do the same to me. Obviously if you start infringing on the rights of others or are harmful to others, it is not ok. But if you have 2 willing adults, not quite sure I understand the issue. After all, 2 people getting paid to have sex in a porno is ok. 1 person getting paid to have sex with another person in a hotel room is wrong and illegal.

That being said, prostitution is still illegal and Spitzer is not above the law. Not sure we needed to use our governmental resources on stopping prostitution. But that's besides the point. And unfortunately he needed to resign. It's the way our society expects people to act. I may disagree but don't really care enough. On the list of importance, legalizing prostitution is maybe towards number 1MM on my list. So whatever. And if Vitters wants to remain in office and fight his prostitution accusation, so be it. Same with Larry Craig.

The only interesting aspect I see with this whole incident is the rank hypocrisy from all interested parties. Maybe Spitzer just got too into his work. I work for a food company and find myself consuming a lot of whatever product I support. Maybe being surrounded with prostitution all day piqued his interest. Or maybe one of the billion other reasons occurred.

At the end of the day we like to think our politicians have our best interests at heart and are saints and whatnot. They are human, with all the faults that entails. That is why we need to pay attention to politics and politicians. It is the only way we can hold their feet to the flame and hopefully get our work done. For I wish Spitzer were more of the exception but he's not. If may not be as drool inducing as prostitution, but most politicians will change their tune for the next corporate handout.


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