Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer R-NY: Caught Up in the Oldest Profession

Well, ain't that something? Elliot Spitzer R-NY was caught literally with his hands in a prostitute's bra. Ooops. Oh sorry about pulling the Fox News approach of changing the party to fit an agenda.

Heh. I think we could get a way with that not being a major media source, but I refuse to be dishonest with myself. Spitzer most likely is guilty and I suspect that he will be resigning soon.

Elliot (R-NY): Guilty of outsourcing his wife's martial obligations.

Proof yet again that the dishonest represent us from both sides of the aisle. At least this one didn't involve a lie such as, "I take a wide stance and do a little foot tapping while in the john." That shit was just plain insulting. Larry E. Craig is not fooling anyone.

Although Spitzer has not admitted what he did actually do at least he admits that he did do something. I'm sure we'll find out what that something was soon enough.

It's a shame. Elliot Spitzer built a fine career prosecuting corrupt bankers and Wall Street types and could have been a good governor. Now... Well, his career is over. I guess you can't get your groove on with prostitutes while being a politician.

The GOP was gunning for him awhile now so this is no surprise that he went down. The party of the elephant and hypocritical Jesus lovers couldn't wait to get rid of him. It was a surprise that it was the FBI that discovered Spitzer's secret life. So it's over. I can't wait to see what the next election will bring.

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