Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rob Morris, Legacy

Shit man, I aint' worried about no college. School is for dorks anyway. But I got myself a plan - I;m Rob Morris and I'm a legacy.

Damn guidance counsellor has been a hasslin' me lately, telling me I got to get serious and shit. So I told her to step back cause I have myself a plan. Then she had to bring up my GPA and accuse me of not being college material. Yeah I got me a 1.7 and shit but so what bitch. Aint' like Mozart went to school. Or Kobe Bryant. And they living fat and long lives. So step off and let me do my thing.

See, I figured out I'm a legacy. My name is Rob Morris and there's a college in Chicago called Robert Morris. I know, it's the same spelling and all. Just imagine how spectacular this news is for me? I don't have to study and they have to take me. I'm related or shit, I think. Plus, if I'm a relative they have to look out for me. They not only have to pass me but pass with colors. In 5 years I'm going to be a nuclear brain doctor or something. They make like mad cash. It'll be off the hook 24/7. West Side!

Only downfall is my moms. To leave Wichita Falls for the big city of Chicago means my moms will be all alone. But in just 4 years after I'll be able to retire her. Maybe I'll just stay around college a la Van Wilder. That dude be crazy.

So I gots me a plan Mrs Dresden. It's called a legacy and I suggest you look it up. Later!

- Rob Morris


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