Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The James Buchanan Corner

Holla what yo! Jimmy's back and he's about ready to pop a cap in your punkass bitch!

I know it's been a hella long time since I kicked some science with my boyz Mike K and Tom G but the past few months have been one long pajama jammy jam. When Cleopatra and Marilyn ask ya to hang, you be crazy if ya don't just ride it out. Should probably stay away from the 8 ball sippin' or ya be banned...not that it was my fault. Fool, ya better recognize and represent. Those bitches just be playa hatin' cause I took them ladies. What what!

Today I decide to check out the Earth news and what do I see but that crazy cracka McCain getting a rubdown from the president who be worse than me. At first I think I still trippin' but then I realize it be the truth. Seems that old fool McCain was not only happy but he be askin' for it. And not in the no meaning yes way. Shit, that one crazy world, I tell ya.

So then I got to thinking - what happens if this old fool actually become president? He runnin' on the Bush ideals of war and incompetence. Which mean he have a good chance to be worse than me. And I was a hella bad President. I be so over my head that somedays I only leave The White House to smoke a big fatty. That always seemed to make me feel better, even as I be layin' the groundwork for The Civil War. Shit, I be a bad president.

Anyway, now that the cracka Bush be worse than me by history and shit, I gotta think of ways to climb even higher. What better way than with that old fool McCain. If he be president, I suddenly be 3rd worst of all time. If Republicans keep selecting these damn fools and the dumb Americans keep electing them, it's only a matter of time until I be out of the bottom half. That be the shit. Cause like I said, I be an awful president.

So before I go meet up with Grover C to make it rain, I like to shout out to McCain and give him all my love. He be the man and who I representin' in the 2008 election.

Peace Out Homies,

James Buchanan


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Blogger Mike K said...

Thank God for the ghost of James Buchanan. He be bad, but he be funny too.

3/11/2008 08:15:00 AM  

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