Saturday, March 08, 2008

College Basketball Douchebag of the Year

This year the choice for college basketball douchebag of the year was surprisingly easier than expected. With the departure of Joaquim Noah, I thought this would be difficult. But as long as Duke fields a basketball team, there will always be a strong candidate. This year is no exception.

The Life is Crap College Basketball Douchebag of the Year is Duke 6th Man Jon Scheyer. If you are a fan of college basketball, you probably already agree. Unless of course you are a Duke fan. For those who are not college basketball fans, you should understand better in the next 2 years as this douchebag gets even more famous. He has all the qualities that make for a great Duke villain - fairly talented but gets more credit because he plays for Duke, looks like a douchebag, etc. So we are proud to proclaim Jon Scheyer the Life Is Crap college basketball douchebag of the year.


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