Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are These Guys Ever Right?

Sheesh, I almost feel bad for these assholes. If they were only in some way not responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and hundred of thousands of Iraqis. Is there anything they are ever right about.

From Glenn Greenwald:

To commence the discussion to show us all "The Way Ahead" in Iraq, here is the very first thing that Fred Kagan said:

The first thing I want to say is that: The Civil War in Iraq is over. And until the American domestic political debate catches up with that fact, we are going to have a very hard time discussing Iraq on the basis of reality.


It appears that a sitstorm be a brewing in Iraq, if it hasn't already started. We are f$cked and no matter how much the media hopes to ignore the issue the Iraqi people are f$cked. It sucks and I hope to God I'm wrong. But history indicates I will unfortunately be right and ASSHOLE Fred Kagan will once again be wrong.

Seriously, how can one not hide themselves from the world after contribute to the deaths of so many? There has to be a special layer of hell reserved for these assholes.

The most frustrating aspect is I hope I'm wrong. I want everything to work out. But I can't ignore reality. And I can't believe in magic ponies to lead to "victory", whatever the hell that means. And through it all it should be clear what is happening and what will happen. While this doesn't lead to clear direction on what to do, it's clear we should not continue the status quo. That has been one huge clusterf$ck. It's time to end. Let's bring in the adults and banish the war-mongering assholes before they f$ck up our country even more. Sadly, I fear we need to sink even deeper before we change course. Please God, prove me wrong.


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