Sunday, February 03, 2008

Your Crazy Uncle

Since I am interested in politics, I usually watch the Sunday morning shows. Long ago I stopped watching Timmeh, as his schtick got old and laughable besides adding no insight. And I actually enjoy "This Week" - plus it precedes "Ebert & Roeper". But I have continued to watch "The Chris Matthews Show" for some reason.

Maybe it's the same reason traffic slows approaching an accident, as the onlookers can't help but watch. For Chris Matthews, aka Your Crazy Uncle, actually causes a loss of IQ by the time you are done watching his show. I used to thing Ass Munch personified what was so wrong with our media. And he does to a certain degree. But Your Crazy Uncle really exhibits all the worst qualities of our elite media - the vapid, HS nature of politics with wrong analysis and predictions. The guests are generally the same tools that have always been wrong about everything. And they treat all topics, regardless of their complexity, as black and white. Good to know there's only 2 sides to every topic.

And dude, does Your Crazy Uncle have some major issues. Obviously, women confuse him. He reminds me of that uncle who gets drunk at a wedding and then starts talking inappropriately about a bunch of topics. Yet that's the crux of his show. A bunch of topics placed in a context that makes you question the sobriety of the host. And this is what passes for mainstream opinion making in our country. No wonder we are in our current predicament. But no more for me. I want to get from Point A to Point B asap and stopping to listen to the drivel from Your Crazy Uncle will only slow me down. It will be a glorious day when Your Crazy Uncle gets the help he so desperately needs.


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