Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekly Project: Recycle

This weekend I will be continuing my year long project. Basically, I'm trying to change myself for the better by finally doing some things I've meant to do or else force myself to an extreme. Case in point when I went a week without TV in Feb. I've already noticed a difference and the following weekends have been more productive. I was actually somewhat mad with myself for nursing a hangover on Sunday afternoon for a couple hours.

So in March I will be tackling recycling. I have already bought my recycle bin and still need to buy a couple things. But I'm pretty excited. The goal is to recycle as much as possible, which will include the following:

- Cloth bags or old bags when grocery shopping
- No paper cups at work (or else same one all month) - bigger deal when your company has a coffee division
- Bring lunch in tupperware and lunch bag
- Recycle all paper, glass, cans, etc

I'm sure I'm missing a lot of other things but the goal is to be as strict as possible. I probably should have tracked how much garbage I throw out in an average week to see the difference. For I'm not sure if it's closer to 2 bags or 4. But I'll keep track once March begins and keep y'all informed.


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