Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekly Project: No TV

Earlier this week I finished my project for Feb, which was to go an entire week without TV. In a lot of ways it was a lot easier than I anticipated. However, I was very relieved when it was over, so I guess it wasn't that easy. And I went the whole week with hardly any exposure to TV at all. There was the movie I watched on the last night, but that was all. And there was even an additional all day due to my snow day from work.

The biggest revelation for me was how productive I actually already was, at least during the week. Even without TV, I still don't seem to have enough time to complete everything I need. I obviously did end up getting more accomplished. However, during the week I actually have very little time - between my commute and work and working out and trying to eat healthy, there's not much time before sleep. Add the "normal" things that need to get done and there's very little free time. Seems that if I want to be more productive I probably need a shorter commute and/or job. Kinda got spoiled by my past job where I would maybe work 8 hours a day. And that's counting time for blog postings.

The best thing about going a week without TV is getting re-acquainted with music. Over the past few years I seem to listen to most of my music while in the car. Since I've worked in the burbs, that's actually a lot of time. But to constantly listen to old music I hadn't listen to in a long time was satisfying and inspiring. I'm sure I'll be pointing out some choice selections.

The only day that was difficult was the last day, Sunday. I was extremely hungover - one of those days when all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch TV. To make matters worse, it was unbearably cold outside. So I was kinda stuck inside, with a hangover and no TV. Kinda sucked. But I prevailed and proved I could do it. And was so relieved when 7:00 approached and I popped in one of my NetFlix movies.

I really think I will watch less TV coming out of this, which is a really good thing. Especially over the weekend, as I've confirmed that I need to get stuff done at least Sat or Sun. Probably means I need to refrain from drinking so much both nights. Or else somehow rediscover my youth and recover better. Either way, the less I spend on my couch the better. And I'm definitely glad I was able to hear such great music I have neglected the past few years.

Next Up - March: Recycle


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