Monday, February 18, 2008

This Week's Crush - Belhaven

Over the weekend I cheated on Fat Tire with an old fling, Belhaven. I had forgotten just how great Belhaven really is. Such a great Scottish ale and so light. A perfect compliment to any meal. If I ever started brewing my own beer, I think I would actually shoot towards a Belhaven type beer. It will definitely become a more regular guest in my stomach.


*beer*ale *Belhaven


Blogger Mike K said...

Brewing your own is definitely the way to go as long as you got the space and your stove can boil 3 gallons of water.

I think my love of brewing is my main drive for wanting a house. I hate going over my brother-in-laws house to brew.

2/19/2008 09:37:00 PM  

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