Monday, February 18, 2008

The Terence Stansbury All-Stars

Around a year ago I was wrapping up my 3rd place finish in my dorky baseball league. Of course it was worth it, as Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni hit more HRs and drove in more RBIs than Babe Ruth. It was a blast - dare I call it funkblastic! So when the opportunity presented itself this week to get a free dorky basketball team, I couldn't resist.

For those you aren't aware, when I refer to dorky sport I mean simulated sport season. It's like fantasy sports on steroids. Basically, you assemble a team based on players throughout history with a salary cap. Players have their salaries set by performance and popularity. It is helpful to do your research but where's the fun in that. And every day "games" are player (well, simulated). It comes with wins and losses, stats, injuries, etc. You can change the tendencies of your team and drop players and set your lineup. For all purposes, you are GM, coach, and owner of your own team, with the greatest players of all-time. It's dorky but also a ton of fun.

So I received my team today. If more than one person wants the same player, it's up to whomever ranked them higher. Hence, why I lost Rick Mahorn and Paul Mokeski. Instead, I received a comparable player at the nearest salary. I will probably get killed, as I leaned heavily on 3 types of players - former Detroit Pistons, Players with a Michigan connection, and/or goofy players. And in the honor of the greatest dunker who no one knows of, my team is called The Terence Stansbury All-Stars. Yeah, I'm gonna lose big.


C- Brad Daugherty
PF - Monk Meinecke (comparable to Rick Mahorn)
SF - Glen Rice
SG - Nick Anderson
PG - Isiah Thomas


SF - Danny Ferry
PG/SG - Terence Stansbury (and team captain and player/coach)
SG - Harold Miner, a la Baby Jordan
PF - Kurt Nimphius
C - Dwayne Schintzius (comparable to Paul Mokeski)
PF - Scott Hastings
PG - Doug Overton
SF/PF - "Dunkin'" Darvin Ham
C - Uwe Blab
SG/SF - Tariq Abdul-Wahad

I'll have to make 3 guys as part of my IR but for right now that's undecided. But I think my starters will be getting a lot of PT. For my bench is rather weak. Baby Jordan is one of my top reserves. Seriously??? You will be posted of the horrific details.


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