Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

George Will is a smart man and I used to enjoy reading and listening to him. It's a great illustration of how screwed up our country has become and how crazy right the Republicans have become to read him. For he has to suddenly sound crazy and idiotic to carry their water. Case in point, this insanity:

"It seems to me Obama’s problem is that you can only be a novelty once, and for a while. And he needs – he’s worked one pedal on the organ quite enough now; this stuff, I’d call it banal eloquence, where he says, ‘In the face of despair, we can still hope.’ I have news for him: Americans aren’t in despair. Look around you. Who’s despairing? We have mild problems."

Keep telling yourself the problems are just mild. Might make you feel better when the Democrats clean up your mess.


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