Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Feud

Appears I've entered into a feud with my postal carrier. And I'll acknowledge it's not warranted - there's a simple solution. But I'm stubborn and can be a prick when I want.

So I live in a condo and share a general mail area. I often get mailings that say someone else's name or Current Owner. When the mailing is addressed to my address I have no problem. I'll just throw it away, no big deal. But it's different when I get the generic mailings in my mailbox. One reason is it seems I have been getting a lot of these. Most likely he spreads these over everyone's mail but that would make me sound irrational. Every time I get one of these generic mailings, I place it in the communal area for mail delivered to the wrong address. Usually the next day said letter is in my mailbox with the Or Current Owner circled. This game will then go back & forth for a few days until the mailman finally gives up. I know I'm just being an ass but I hate the thought he puts it in my mailbox all the time because I'm the last slot he puts the mail into.


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