Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Crazy Mama

Sometimes my mom can act irrationally and dare I say it, insane. Case in point - her quest to get my brothers invited to our 3rd cousin's wedding. Luckily I live out of state so I'm spared from her quest.

It all started when my brothers and I were not invited to some dude's wedding. I probably haven't talked to this guy in 20 years but in my mom's world this was a huge slight. For all my 1st cousins, who are the same relation to said dude, got invited. So my mom's feelings were extremely hurt and she decided to take actions into her own hands. She actually called up the mom of the dude and asked if they were invited (sounded more like telling her I think you forgot to invite them). After some initial resistance (don't they all live out of town, we had to cut it off somewhere, oh I have the wrong address), it looks like my brothers are invited. Of course after all that fuss, my brothers are now obligated to go. Even though they do not have any desire to go. Man, sometimes my mom be crazy.


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