Saturday, February 02, 2008

McCain Has Hillarycare

Since one of the biggest issues for the 2 remaining Democratic candidates is health care, get ready for the misinformation, lies, and boogeymen to come out in full force for the Republicans. It's maybe the greatest travesty of our country that we do not guarantee universal health care for our citizens. But then they spend nowhere near the amount we spend on defense. So I guess it's just priorities - our government cares more about bombs than the health of our citizens. Fair enough.

But as the lies get disseminated, helped along by our media stars who have no clue how the real world works, just remember one thing. Our government officials already receive the health insurance proposed by these leading Democratic candidates. Maybe not the exact same program, but something very close. So what the politicians and media is telling us is that we do not deserve the same coverage they currently receive. Or that we can't spend the money to guarantee all Americans the same health coverage they currently receive (again with the priorities).

And as the Republicans shout Hillarycare as if it's a 4 letter word throughout the next 9 months, remember one think - John McCain currently receives Hillarycare. Given the fact that Congressmen have no shame in constantly raising their salaries, is there any doubt they would make their health coverage better if it were lacking? Really speaks for itself. Our government is very satisfied with the Hillarycare they receive. They just want to keep it away from all of us.


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