Thursday, February 07, 2008

King George

Following up on my quick post below - we are screwed. Just this week Bush, through his surrogates, has basically declared himself dictator of the US. As I pointed out below, it was one thing when he at least humored the Legislative and Judicial Branch. The fact that he openly admits it means he may even act more crazy, if that's even possible.

Just this week the Republicans filibustered the economic stimulus bill because the Democrats added in an extension for unemployment benefits and other benefits for poorer Americans that cost $44 Billion. Given the fact that Haliburton "loses" this amount every month, seems like it shouldn't be enough to hold up a bill. But see, not when you have a dictator. The Republican Senate said they blocked a vote on the bill because it does not contain everything Bush wants. See that, the Republican Senators are just there to give the appearance of a democracy. They aren't even trying to come up with fake excuses anymore for their behavior.

Then there's Mukaskey, the AG of our "democracy". While you weren't watching (and the media didn't care), he testified before Congress about a host of topics. Two things were audacious in their confirmation of a dictatorship. First, there's his decision to not investigate either our country's use of torture or the spying on US citizens, ie, warrantless wiretapping. See, the Bush Justice Department told Bush it was ok, so there's no reason to investigate any wrongdoing. Or in other words, if the President decides to do something it is inherently legal regardless of existing laws, statutes, treaties, etc. Last I checked, only dictators are above the law. And here's our government telling us just that...and it's meant with crickets!

And then there's more Mukaskey. When asked whether he would enforce the subpoenas for Miers and Bolten, he refused to answer. And to make matters worse, he basically indicated he takes orders from the President first, country second. Glad he's OUR Attorney General...you know, AG of the USA!

Basically, we are screwed. I've been on record as far back as I don't know but it was many years ago. Anyway, I always thought it was a longshot but I was fearful that Bush 2: Electric Boogaloo would refuse to give up power when his second term expired. Thing about it, he's always violated multiple Constitutional Amendments and paid no penalty. Why should he start now? And he's still got that 30% that would support him regardless. I used to think I was being way too conspiratorial but on weeks like this I just hope he doesn't end up blowing up the world.


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Blogger Mike K said...

The Mukaskey decisions are really troubling. I think we the people should call for his resignation. He might be appointed by the president, but he is ultimately our employee.

2/08/2008 08:33:00 AM  

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