Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everything Is Great News For Republicans

When history looks back on this era, the faults of the media will be widely blamed, especially the continuous framing that results in everything always being great news for Republicans. Take the McCain Train news this week of a potentially inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist. Somehow the morning shows this week agreed that this will be bad news for Obama (enjoy the fact that media has concluded that Clinton is out - way to let the people decide!). Then again, everything is always bad news for Democrats. It's this double standard framing that is not only unfair and unbalanced, but also prevents the work WE demand from getting accomplished.

And it's definitely not restricted to the Sunday morning shows. Almost as soon as the story broke, the Very Serious People who have been wrong about everything the past 7+ years started screaming about how this will be great news for McCain, as it rallies his base around him. Really? In what world does an allegation of impropriety become an asset? I guess in the world that can't bother to discuss the allegation itself while spending months talking about a Democratic candidates haircut.

Honestly, I don't care much about the McCain allegation. If it's true, he's no different than every other politician, which I already believe. If untrue, there's plenty of examples to contradict the Straight Talk Express. The sexual innuendo - who cares. But since McCain's running on the Straight Talk maverick, it would be the media's job to point out when there are contradictions. Hell, they are already beating this right wing framing that Obama has no substance on issues. All it would take is a visit to his website or a Google search to see how false that statement is. May not agree with his ideas, but to say he has no ideas can so easily be proven false. So the fact they are not delving into the substance behind the attack shows how much they are ruled by Matt Drudge and the right wing propaganda machine. Luckily our country, to their disbelief, is still decided by the voters. These same voters that will see through the f$ckin' babies of the right wing and elect someone who will start our country back on the right track. If only we could elect a better media.


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