Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Establishment Candidate

WTF? Barack Obama is the Establishment Candidate? I give bonus points to the Hillary camp for creativity, but how can anyone honestly believe this crap?

Barack Obama is funded primarily by the people. The endorsements he received were earned. His "political machine" was recently built. It doesn't have a 20+ history.

I think what we are witnessing here is the beginning of the Clinton campaign collapse. Hillary split the vote practically down the middle with Barack. She barely won.

This is truly an outstanding achievement for Obama. No one would have predicted this back in December. The boy has momentum and a huge war chest of money. Hillary is partially funding her campaign. She recently loaned her campaign 5 million dollars out of her own pocket. It appears that her lobbyist and corporate donors are maxed out.

By no means is this a done race. It will remain extremely competitive. There is no guaranteed winner and it may not be decided until the convention.

The Hillary camp has insulted our intelligence with this latest statement. Give some respect where respect is due. You are better than that.

Clinton's behavior has been a bit erratic lately to say the least. Some of this can be attributed to fatigue. I can't imagine it being easy running for president.

But, what is up with the drama? Man up Nancy. America expects their political figures to be tough. You can talk about how hard things are for your campaign, but being on the verge of tears saying it is ridiculous. You're a strong woman... at least you used to be.*

Another thing Hillary... You are the establishment candidate. You are the one everyone expects to win. You are winning at least right now. It remains to be seen whether or not Obama will steam roll past you. For the time being, put your dirty tricks away and campaign on your strengths.

Jesus. You don't think that the Republicans will be playing that clip of your crying in New Hampshire over and over again if you win the nomination? They will use anything they can get their hands on.

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