Monday, February 18, 2008

Dude, You Made $13,000 in 5 Months?

Personally, I think that a rather good investment. Especially considering the real estate market is on a downturn. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!

When people look back to this era they will be amazed by the delusion suffered by most Americans. I love watching those house shows on HGTV, especially now that the market is tight. The look on people's faces when they only make something small, like say $13,000 in 5 months is priceless. Apparently we are expected to have 80% return on our real estate investments for forever. Damn, if we just stopped talking about it it might actually occur. I find it humorous. I know what I was getting into with my house. How about you?


*funny*economy *real estate *HGTV *delusion


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