Saturday, January 19, 2008

Your Liberal Media

To steal an idea from Atrios,

OK: To discuss and explore false* details behind Obama's church and religion, even though he is not explicitly running on his religious convictions.

NOT OK: To discuss and explore true details behind Huckabee's and Romney's religious beliefs, even though they are running strongly on these beliefs and have made statement after statement (Huckabee at least) claiming he will try to align our government with those beliefs.

*And it really depends on the story of the day. Either Obama is secretly a Muslim who wants to overthrow the US government and replace it with an Islamic theocracy or he attends a racist cult in which they want to put whitey down. Now, its not the media who necessarily agrees with this but allows the discussion. And a co-worker of mine who attends the same church as Obama has told me the charges are completely made up. And I'll take my cues from her over either Republican operatives who lie at every opportunity or the Very Serious People who have been wrong about everything the past 7 years.


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